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Image by Jakob Owens

Let's make a movie!

About the Program

In 2022 we launched our inaugural film intensive program. What's an intensive you ask? Good question! Over the course of five days, we'll do what most film camps and classes wish they could accomplish - We'll make a movie! It's going to be INTENSE but it will be FUN. Our intensive program is designed to give each participant an active role in the production and the opportunity to learn hands-on from real filmmakers. Participants will be invited back to screen their film at a local theater with their friends and family when the film finished post-production in early June. This program is designed to immerse youth in the magic of the cinematic experience from start to finish with the intention of fueling a passion in young filmmakers and inspiring them to pursue the craft. We're thrilled to introduce this type of program to the east coast and are excited to work with young filmmakers of all backgrounds,. We'd especially encourage youth from underprivileged households to apply for our scholarship program in addition to the standard application form. 


St. Augustine, FL

Program Dates: March 13th - March 17th 2023

Mon - Fri

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

*Limited Spots*

Thanks for submitting!
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